Sebastian Drożak


Film is my life’s adventure. I started off as a cinema projectionist (catching the last moments of 35mm prints), and later, film directing studies at the Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School in Katowice were the beginning of my profession. I’ve been studying the film craft for more than a decade, gathering experience on large film sets and small productions. As the director I always try to follow  the story, giving it my warm and compassionate look with a touch of humor, which allows me to intensify the emotions portrayed on the screen. I think it is humor (the more abstract and surprising, the better) that keeps us alive. Against all unforeseen events the success of the production lies in the hands of the director and his ability to make quick and informed decisions. I am confident that thanks to my experience and skills I am competent to lead almost any cinematic project from script to the finished picture.