Jan Jagielski


Director and DoP.
Worked for clients such as EB, Visa, Bosch, ING, Avon, Oriflame, Chrinchips, A2Mobile.
The word „imposiible” does not exist in his vocabulary.
Always thinking out of the box. Full of energy and passion for all he does.
Janek worked on film sets as editor, stage hand, but directing has always been his goal. On his path to it he worked in television, documentaries and music videos. During this time he worked his own unique film language.
I LIKE: in others- honesty and empathy, in directing – freedom, creative thinking and emotions, in art. – Makowski and Wojtkiewicz paintings.
I DO NOT LIKE: cliches Janek is looking at the world with great enthusiasm. The most asked question is: What could I have done
Always focused and very effective on set.